Friday, October 5, 2012

Nice Work - David Neale Goldsmith

For all you makers of stuff out there I'll be posting a new series a few times a month called Nice Work.
It will feature people who make work (or things) I like -the featured person could be a product designer, fine artist - or a fine craft maker....anyone who makes an object!

Aluminum Comb - David Neale
Methods of Construction - sawing, carving (I assume some filing?)

This month it happens to be David Neale - an Australian goldsmith who has a pretty interesting life story (so far). He has a nice interview up currently which you can read here - on the site Visual Diary. 

After a life threatening lung injury he had to change his methods of making things in order to keep being a goldsmith. His thoughtful and funny BLOG is one I read weekly - as I am always interested to see what kind of things he is up to. He also is very specific about the processes he uses to make his work - and gives readers a peek into his studio when he has a cool project going or new tool acquisition.

Snake Ring - David Neale
Methods of Construction - sawing
His work is available for PURCHASE on his website. I'm a fan and think anyone interested in making should pop on over to his sites and give it a look! Your eyes and brain will not be sorry!

Thanks for reading!

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