Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Approach School for Jewelers Visit

Chain Repairs done with a Mini Torch.

Fear not Readers!
Contrary to popular belief I have not been stricken with, all 4 of you who wondered what happened to these terrific postings can rest easy. I am alive with my memory intact and have once again taken my saw in hand to "make some stuff".

While I was away from the blog-o-sphere I took a trip to Nashville, TN. Franklin - just south west of Music City - to be specific. I went to New Approach School for Jewelers Bench Comprehensive Class
Blaine Lewis and his wife Jill run the school and they do a terrific job of it too! 
Hospitable, friendly and focused are all adjectives to describe my experience with NASJ. 
I found them willing and able to answer questions (sometimes more than once) and willing to go above and beyond for the needs of their students.

While in the week long course we did the following:
Learned about safety and tools - including torches.
Adjusted (or learned) sawing techniques.
Assembled commercially manufactured "wedding" rings and mountings to shanks.
Repaired manufactured chains.
Covered finishing and polishing.

In this 5 day class we covered the BASICS of what a working bench jeweler (think your local Ma + Pop jeweler in a downtown area  NOT mall jewelry store) would do to earn a living. Since my background is in large metalworking (blacksmithing /welding) and "art jewelry" type stuff  a lot of what we did was new to me.

It was a great class and I plan to return for the 12 course in the future!
If you are thinking about attending this school I encourage it wholeheartedly. 
Now I am back to my daily work as a librarian and am busy filling up my Etsy shops!

Please feel free to inquire with any questions + Thanks for Reading!

Assembled practice mounting.

Start and finish of an up sizing on a cast ring.

Sawing and Filing Practice in Brass.