Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mark your Calendars - Pop Up Shop Next Week!

 Mark Your Calendars! Pop Up Shop Coming Soon!

WHAT -  Pop Up Shop featuring vintage goods, mid century furniture, industrial storage + tools and books.
Also featuring - handcrafted modern jewelry by Amanda Thon Metalsmith.
This is a great chance to support small businesses during the holidays + scoop up some really unique items.

WHERE - 305 S. Washington Ave Titusville, Florida
Located just off the main drag (US 1)  in downtown Titusville under the giant HARDWARE Store sign.
Terri's building was built in 1915 she and her husband Jon have tastefully restored it to its current state. 
If you are into building restoration / renovation it is one of the coolest I've seen!  

WHEN -  4 - 9 pm Friday Nov. 30 + 10 - 6  Saturday Dec. 1, 2012

*** As a bonus there is also Food Truck Wars going on downtown during this weekend too! So if you need a little excitement and live in Central Florida head on over! 
We'd love to see you there!

Terr's extensive stapler collection - all available for purchase!

Super neat floor to ceiling shelving - original to shop.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Cool Sculpture made by the Dutch folks at Hoogte Twee Architecten seen in action HERE.

Reminds me of THIS:

Some to be made "home for my files" out of PVC pipes. This will sit nicely on my workbench and be made from materials currently lying dormant on the side of my house. Check out the How To here!

Perhaps once I make a small cube I'll make a larger one the whole neighborhood can enjoy...
(Somehow I seriously doubt they'd be into it...sadly!)

Thanks for Reading!
(Next Post - Freshly made metal things).