Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Intro (without a drumroll).

Vintage packaging for my Jewelry line.

Hello! My name is Amanda and I make things!
Metal things - and sometimes messes. This is my blog where I talk about the things I make, or fail to make!

I also run a couple Etsy shops - http://www.amandathonmetalsmith.etsy.com/ - for handmade modernist jewelry and  http://www.amandafindsit.etsy.com/  for quality vintage items!
I'll post a little about thrifty finds and a lot about my jewelry process.
I'll also be forcing some of my creative friends to allow me to write about them too!

I'm a follower of a couple design blogs and find myself idealizing the lives these woman must lead.
They make living a creative, contemplative life while raising kids, and having an awesome looking house seem easy and attainable. They have inspiring comments and giveaways - with inspirational shots of various DIY projects - located in some hip part of the country.

Yep. I won't be raising the blog bar quite THAT high, thanks.
 Since I don't have kids, a husband, or a cute house - you all will have to settle for postings about making stuff / messes and the occasional inspirational rant + photo.

Thanks for reading!