Saturday, June 23, 2012

Modern Wooden Jewelry

Dorothea Pruhl Moths necklace elm wood
While I was in Germany last Spring I was allowed to use the library of my friend and  fellow metalsmith Leticia Domingues. On her shelf I found a terrific slim volume of Dorothea Pruhl's necklaces entitled Colliers. I've been enamored of her wooden necklaces ever since! 

Djurdjica Kesic Wooden Pins

I'd gladly welcome even an interior designed by Djurdjica Kesic. These modern pins give me the thoughts of hardworking hands carving away and bringing to mind wooden objects made in the 1950's and the studio furniture movement. They also look like they would be very fun to play with!

Djurdjica Kesic Wooden Pins (more)

Beppe Kessler Seek and Find Broach

                 I love the use of color in this Beppe Kessler Broach!  

Gustav Reyes organic Coil bracelet

 This Gustave Reyes bracelet has great form! Though I'm not a huge bangle wearer I'd wear this in a heartbeat! I can't help but want to see furniture designed by this artist too!

Now that these artists have helped me see the amazing things you can make with wood I've got my collector's eyes focused on wood scraps everywhere I go!
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Awesome Work Spaces

I'm in the middle of revamping and moving tools in my garage workspace. Just in time for the sweltering summer heat in Florida - which always seems to be the time I need to work the most!
Here are some really cool work spaces to tide you over until my next post! :)
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Minimal Workspace of  Grey + Greg Studio

Super tricked out workbench belonging to jeweler Mason Cutchin of Chapel Hill, NC.

Steve Lindsey owner of Anthoine Machine Works

A nifty double decker space. I think the top floor is living space - this live/work space is located in San Fran.
 Found via Dwell magazine.

Brandon Donalman workspace - nice and roomy.