Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oooh Metallicky...

I love kinetic and mechanical objects and these stars are no exception!
Here's a Neat Video with John Kostick about his fold able stars based on mathematical principals.
These suckers are available in 3 sizes over at Design Within Reach - check 'em out!
These have been in production since 1965 and are made in the USA!

Kate over at  Matchbook roams the Internet matching books covers (art in it's own right) with bathing suits!
I like the print of this metallic suit and the printing style of this book cover too!

The Candela Cube Light is minimalist and could be lumped into the whole stained glass/cube/terrarium trend sweeping over the DIY/design sites. But, I think it deserves a chance - I'm sure would look really different in person...but I think I like it!

I'm pretty sure these would be great shoes if you were a pimp.
In fact, should I ever take up that profession I think I'll buy myself a pair...maybe 2 in case one gets dirty or I loose a shoe. But, what color socks would I wear??? Seriously Robert Clergerie Jasc has some cool shoes made in France. Perfect for someone...maybe Ceelo!!!

       That's right - throwin' a little subtle at ya! 
I love the combination of neutrals with a touch of  metallic!!!
 I'm VERY excited about this nice collection of Washi Tape curated by Melanie on over at CraftyJapan on Etsy.... So excited I think it might need to come live with me!!!

Thanks for Reading!

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