Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Etsy Favs - Office Edition

I'm in the middle of reorganizing both my studio and home office at astonishing "snail like" slowness.

Whenever I watch a snail traveling I can't help but think they must be very single minded.
 It looks like it takes all of their concentration just to propel themselves towards their goal.

Perhaps they are actually relaxed about it - they do have a home that travels with them!
Snails are the ultimate RVers - which is pretty cool. I wouldn't mind having a built in stuff quota due to my biology! I don't possess my imagined qualities of a snail as I am constantly pulled in other directions by life events and my family. Hence my studio and office refurb slowness.

Here are a few of my Office Favs from Etsy - in order to encourage a little more imagining about organization. Which will hopefully lead to my actually being organized someday!

Laboratory 424 operates out of Washington State. I've been having a hard time of finding modern yet affordable storage solutions when I can across this shop. I really love this system of organizing they have thought up! You can purchase this minimal and very cool storage solution - I'd probably use it for all my sewing hand tools and drafting rulers. They also offer clever solutions for laptops and Wii controls.  

cOveTable CuriOsitiEs on Etsy offers wide a selection of supplies and vintage smalls.
I think these Vintage Map Tacks would add a little pop of color to the even the drabbest of bulletin boards.
You could also use them to track the places you've been on a retro or vintage map - full wall sized preferred of course!

GoodDay Gentlemen  has a variety of vintage items that fellas may dig.
I happen to be quite taken with this Electric Pencil Sharpener.

The minimalist lines of this white typewriter could be the result of a sordid tryst between R2D2 and something in a Dwell magazine. I like it - a shame they didn't have more!
I'd be happy with it occupying a space on mys typing table!
No office could be complete without a bookshelf, right?
This Custom Modern Bookshelf made by Amit Sturlesi Design is a simple alternative to a pile of books on the floor, or the standard rows of books.
This would be an interesting design to cover an entire floor to ceiling wall.
Thanks for reading!

*** In case you can't stand the anticipation the next Etsy Favs will be about vintage 
writing utensils - as it is my newly acquired hobby!

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